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Arranging the details of any funeral is incredibly stressful, but when you have budgetary constrictions the tension can really add up. From finding the right funeral director and/or final place of rest to deciding on cremation or embalming, it can all add to heartache and create additional anxiety. Funerals are notoriously expensive, and while it is possible to have a low-cost one, you have to know how.


Other officials, however, were not impressed at the lavish goodbye Mr Pingfa planned for his dear departed mom. Following the funeral, the bereaved son realized that he had lost not only his mother, but also his job.

We all want to give our loved ones the best send-off we can. But when someone passes on, we don’t all have the cash required to give them a five-star luxury funeral. In fact, many of us find that funding a funeral is close to impossible, and worry that we won’t be able to say goodbye to our loved ones in the style in which they were accustomed.

If you have the desire but not the dough, never fear. You can still stage a wonderful memorial service while keeping the costs way down. You might not have a mink-lined mahogany coffin, limousine procession or sit-down meal for hundreds, but you can still make your loved one’s final goodbye an affair to remember. All it takes is some forward planning – and a little common sense.

Keeping the Costs Down

Funeral costs can easily add up to more than $10,000 in an instant – but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it is possible to have a fairly traditional family funeral for as low as $1,000, according to funeral directors.

They key is to know what you want, and not to be lured into any unnecessary expenditures. Embalming, for example, is not necessary when the body is to be buried within 48 hours – while it may sound overly macabre, in the vast majority of cases refrigeration is a legally acceptable alternative.

Here are other – hopefully less gruesome – ways to keep the costs down:

– Shop around when it comes to funeral homes. It may sound a bit tight-fisted and overly mean, but making a few phone calls can save you hundreds of dollars. See what is available – or ask a trusted friend to make the calls for you – rather than taking the first offer that comes along.
– Buy a cheap casket from outside the funeral home. Funeral homes often charge a substantial mark-up when they know they have a captive (and desperate) audience. But there is no reason why a home should refuse to use your chosen casket, or tack on an extra fee if you bring one in from the outside. Also, keep in mind that sealed caskets are more expensive than unsealed ones.
– Don’t buy the whole package. Funeral homes often allude to a whole host of services on offer, but few people realize they can only purchase a few of them, and leave the rest behind. Don’t be falsely lured into buying things you don’t want.

– Hold a memorial service at home, at the park, in a woodland area. There is no need to do everything at the funeral home. It’s cheaper and more personal to stage your own memorial. Inviting friends and relatives back to your place for a home-cooked meal will also save you a lot more money than inviting them to a restaurant for a five-course dinner with all the trimming. You can even make it pot-luck, giving the whole affair more of a cozy, family feel.
– Go for cremation rather than burial. Cremation is a lot cheaper than embalming and you don’t even have to pay for an urn if you intend to scatter the ashes somewhere special. Much cheaper than purchasing a burial plot. All you really need in most states is a permit to cremate, along with a death certificate and transportation permit. You’ll have to wait 48 hours until after death and then the crematorium will do the rest.
Look online for affordable funeral flowers. Don’t just buy a cheap bouquet from the supermarket, as it will wilt and fade quickly. Instead, look for on-line specialists that claim funeral flowers don’t have to be expensive to be beautiful. Mail-order bouquets are often the best.
– Ask a musical family friend to play at the memorial service, or play one of your loved one’s favorite CDs. There’s no reason you should have to pay for a musical extravaganza when something more personal is often nicer – and always cheaper.
– Make your own funeral programs on your home computer. Why pay for the use of a professional printer when there’s really no need? Several on-line sites offer free or affordable templates.

Funeral Consumers Alliance

If you want a loved one to go out in style, not in debt, you might consider contacting the Funeral Consumers Alliance, or FCA ( A non-profit organization that likes to think of themselves as the Consumer’s Report of the funeral industry, they pride themselves on being “dedicated to protecting a consumer’s right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral”.

Among the goals the FCA has are:
– Increase public awareness about low-cost options to using funeral homes
– Expose national abuses by the funeral industry
– Expand families choices and control about funeral options
– Give advice and guidance to families
– Help everyone find a local FCA in their area

Arranging the details of any funeral is incredibly stressful, but when you have budgetary constrictions the tension can really add up. From finding the right funeral director and/or final place of rest to deciding on cremation or embalming, it can all add to heartache and create additional anxiety. Funerals are notoriously expensive, and while it is possible to have a low-cost one, you have to know how.

Try to obtain as much information and advice as you can, and don’t be taken in by the first offer you get. Shop around for the best deal, and don’t be lured by false promises about unnecessary items you just “have” to purchase. By honoring a loved one with a small memorial at home, with only close friends and family in attendance, you can keep your integrity as well as your bank account intact.



Death is not a subject that most people want to address until you are faced with it. According to JD Power and Associates, only 60% of individuals have a life insurance policy much less a will to address final disposition of their remains leaving their loved ones in a state of a confusion and overwhelmed with grief and not to mention the expense that comes with losing a loved one.

It seems that the economic down turn has impacted every aspect of American life, unemployment, education, health care, and retirement. The states are having to slash their budgets just to continue Operating. Most Americans are struggling just to meet their own needs, and because there income margins are running so narrow, any unexpected expense such as a car breaking down, or a child getting hurt can force any struggling family into bankruptcy. Such is the case with an unexpected death.

In fact this expense has led to a direct effect that most municipalities didn’t count on, and that is the number of bodies piled up at the city morgues, due to families unable to bare the burden the overwhelming cost of the loss of a loved one, such is the case from a report conducted by CNNMoney dated October 1, 2009. Cities Such as Detroit and Los Angeles are reporting and increasing number of unclaimed bodies stacking up at Their morgues, and with the economic outlook looking dim, there is no reason to believe that the situation is going to get better anytime soon.

According to one study, funerals can start at $10,000.00 and Cremation can start at $800.00. Either One of these scenarios can put a tremendous burden on any family struggling to make ends meet. Barring the religious requirements of death, it’s quite obvious that cremation would be the most cost effective alternative, but even with this there are ways to keep the cost within reason and still give their loved one a respectable send-off.

Upon the death of a loved one, many questions and concerns arise leaving one to wonder “What next?”. First take a breath and find your support, whether it be from a family member, friends, or a non-profit hospice organization. Decisions do not have to be rushed at this point. There may or may not need to be an inquiry into the cause of death, but after that, you will be asked about what you would like done with body. In most cities There will be a number of crematoriums available. Have someone call for prices.

Once a cremation facility has been decided upon, ask the funeral director the estimated time for delivery of ashes. In most cases ten business days is normal. The ashes will be delivered to you in a temporary container for final disposition. At this point, cost is your discretion, From cost of urns to services being held. Obituaries, depending on where you are from, can cost as much as the cremation itself and can be circumvented with the use of network organization through friends and family.

For the memorial, cost can be contained in the following ways. Services, depending on your religious background, can be held in a private residence where loved ones can reflect upon the life of the person. At this point many friends and family feel it necessary to provide refreshments to those grieving. Through active coordination a pot-luck scenario would best serve the occasion.

In dealing with a death of a loved one, many decisions have to be made but not one has to be rushed. Cost does not have to hinder the celebration of a person’s life. At this point one must decide the disposition of the ashes, whether scattering, burying, or keeping close to home. This is where careful thought can be put into purchasing an urn.

Urns come in many shapes and sizes and can be used in many ways, and at varying cost. But again, take your time, pick out one that best suits your needs and best reflects those you love.


Costs of a funeral can be crippling

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