Questions to Consider When Choosing Between Burial and Cremation

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One particularly difficult decision that we will all have to make at some point is whether we want to be buried or cremated when we pass. Although nobody can make this decision for you, I will now outline a few questions that are worth asking yourself when you are trying to make the difficult choice.


What Does Your Religion Teach?

In some cases, the choice between cremation and burial will be decided upon by the religion that you prescribe to. Although the number of religions that forbid cremation is significantly less than in the past, there are still some religions that do indeed forbid it. The most notable example is probably Judaism.

How Much do you Want to Spend?


Much like most questions you have answered in your life, one factor to consider when it comes to choosing between burial and cremation is how much money you want to spend. In general cremation is significantly cheaper than burial but this only applies if you do not purchase the many add-ons that most funeral directors offer. When you choose to be cremated, you have the option of purchasing a casket to place your urn in during the funeral ceremony and you can also purchase a headstone at a memorial park. Should you purchase these items, cremation will not work out that much cheaper than burial.

Do You Want to Choose the Green Option?

Many people who have cared about the environment during their lives, want to do so also in death. Should you feel this way, cremation is the right way to go. The chemicals used in the embalming process of those about to be buried are highly toxic and when you choose burial, you will also be taking a spot on the earth forever. Many people also consider both the carbon footprint left by machinery being used to dig a grave and the fact that coffins are not biodegradable.


Where do you Want your Remains to Be?

Probably the most important question to answer when choosing between burial and cremation is exactly where you want your remains to be kept.

When you choose burial, you can choose a graveyard that is near to your loved ones. Doing so offers your loved ones a place to pay their respects and many people argue that a burial patch is very beneficial during the grieving process.

On the other hand, should you choose to be cremated, there are significantly more options. Most people opt to have their ashes spread in a place that they were happy or a place that has important sentimental value to them.

What You Don’t Need to Ask Yourself

Finally, there is a pretty common misconception out there that if you choose cremation, you cannot have a traditional church funeral service. This is not even remotely true however. If you choose to be cremated, other than the fact that there will be an urn instead of a coffin, your loved ones can still attend an identical funeral service.



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