What you have to do after loved one is passed away?

Are you even a little curious about What to do after loved one is passed? As you shall soon see, I am curious about many things, and am constantly eager to bring out interesting realities I dig up online. Truth being what it is… my college student and colleagues bring numerous websites to my attention, so I intend to share them as quickly as possible. In fact, in some cases our local secondary school student volunteers bring in their favorite website findings. In any case, I love to bring these to our blog so you may learn, and assist us all learn a bit more about What to do after loved one is passed.

Let me share one thing before we go too far, several of those who are regular followers of my posts will recognize this, however, I want to share it because individuals repost my articles on their Tumblr accounts, I include this information in to bring my background to each new site on which it is published. Difficult to believe, I know, however my Harvard-educated mother was a stay-at-home-mom until I was 18. She poured her hunger for learning, puzzle-solving, and other enthusiasms into my mind. My mother constructed into my soul a desire for a lifetime of knowing, and I enjoy it! Have you already seen that in me? I picture so, due to the fact that it uniquely qualifies me to bring intriguing and pertinent information to you, one post by post, over time.

Bottom line: who could say no to What to do after loved one is passed? You will quickly seen that I have actually been a passionate student of this genre for decades now, attending conferences and attending local meet-up groups. My hobbies and interests are rather different, and it develops an intriguing life, and each day is a brand-new adventure! In fact, my household has actually been interested in all this for a long time, so you might say I matured with it, and I am proud of all things my dad, mother, and extended household constructed into my mind to make me the individual I am here and now.

The passing of a loved one is one of the most difficult transitions of anyone’s life. Whether your loved one lost a battle with a prolonged illness or died rather quickly, the finality of death is hard to cope with for the survivors. The double whammy of the demands and pressures of planning for a funeral and disposing of the home and possessions just about knocks out most people. While you can never plan for the emotional response from a death, you can ease some of the anxiety by taking a few steps to help organize and execute plans once someone has passed.

Alicia on “planning for the inevitable”

“My Dad died 15 years ago and my Mom is almost 90 now. While it’s not easy to think about, I know that she will be gone someday. After my Dad died, my sisters and I decided it was time to get organized for my Mom. We put together her living will and power of attorney documents years ago. She now has dementia, so we’re glad that we took the time to get organized since the three of us are now responsible for her care. We’ve also compiled all of her medical and insurance information in one binder that the three of us leave with my mom – but that we can each easily update, so we all have the latest information. Having everything organized has made this tough road easier to travel.”


Sarah on “dealing with the unexpected”

“My mom passed away very unexpectedly in July. She was 70 going on 17 and we all fully expected her to live for at least another 40-50 years. It was a total shock and I was utterly devastated. The only way I made it through the funeral week was because I decided to focus on how I could use my organizational skills to help everyone celebrate and honor mom (e.g. planning the mass, organizing flowers, helping others with general logistics) – and then to lean on others for things that I wasn’t so good at (e.g. putting up a website, putting together a photo montage, getting dinner on the table). Each time I leaned on others, I was astounded at how much it helped both parties – I was supported with such love, and they had an opportunity to honor mom too. When you’re reeling from a loss, it’s natural to switch over into control-freak mode – because when life is out of control, you want to control things. But if you are able to resist the tendency and ask for help, or even just relax and let others pitch in the way that they want to, the process is much, much easier to bear.

Tips for getting organized after a loved one passes:

1. Discuss Everything.

While it is impossible to know for sure, there are reports that nearly 25% of life insurance policies are never claimed. A big reason for that has to be that loved ones don’t know what policies were in place. Hopefully, your loved one has legal documents expressing their wishes, but if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of digging for documents for your loved one, commit to breaking that cycle and talk with your family about everything. Store important information (will, policies, etc.) in one spot and let family members know where it is.

2. Determine Divisions.

The last thing that grieving relatives need is fights over who gets Grandma’s favorite brooch. If your loved one did not specify how to divide up the possessions, allow some time to pass and then get together and figure it out. Sarah’s family planned a weekend at the beach to mark the one-year anniversary of her grandmother’s death in 2007. Not only did they honor her memory, but they went through her items and reminisced. Waiting a year gave everyone time to settle his or her emotions and holding the get-together in a place her grandmother loved gave everyone perspective.

3. Delegate.

One person should not bear the entire burden of sorting through a loved one’s life. Be sure to delegate tasks. Whether it’s taking clothes to Goodwill or sorting through family photographs to give to the grandkids, let each family member in on the action. It helps avoid the inevitable “I am doing everything” fight and helps bring together family at a time when you need each other the most.


It is a sad and stressful time when a loved one passes away. You grieve for that person; you have to deal with the technicalities of their passing such as funeral arrangements and memorial services. After this is all said and done, there is that moment when you and the family have to go through your loved one’s belongings. This is another step in the process that is difficult because everything reminds you of that person. Once everyone has sifted through their things, there is always stuff left over that no one wants. As sad as it is that you can’t distribute everything, you then have to figure out what to do with all of it. Just like everyone else, your late loved one had accumulated junk and junk can be a problem when trying to clear out an individuals living quarters.

What you find yourself dealing with is old pieces of furniture that everyone said they could not use, boxes of old books that everyone has already sifted through, old magazines that your loved one was collecting, and stuff that you don’t even know what it is or what purpose it could possibly serve. You have no idea what you’re going to do with all of it because it is literally going to be impossible for you to haul it off to a dump somewhere on your own and some of it you’re not even sure if it is safe for a dump. That’s when you entertain the idea of hiring a junk removal service.

Junk removal service

A junk removal service uses different sizes of dumpsters, trucks, and trailers to take care of your junk removal needs. They will take care of the removal of trash, rubbish that the garbage man would not pick up in a million years, junk removal, furniture removal, and so much more. There really isn’t too much that a junk removal service will not pick up unless it is some sort of hazardous material. In that case you need to contact your area’s waste department to see how to properly dispose of those materials. But the point is that you’re going to be able to dispose of all of that stuff that no one wants and you’re going to be able to do it affordably.

Basically, you can shop around for the best junk removal service in your area based on the amount of stuff that needs to be removed. When you tell them how much stuff there is, they can quote you a price based on the manpower needed and the size of the truck, trailer, or dumpster that needs to be used. You can then use that information to compare services in order to find the best one for you.

What do they do with it?

Once they pick up the stuff, they take it back to their facility and they sort through it. Many times such items as furniture can be salvaged. Once it is salvaged, it is used in such facilities as nursing homes or for the less fortunate. Recyclables are recycled and anything else that can be salvaged is donated to facilities and organizations that can use them. The amount of the junk that does not see another chance at a useful life is very small because there are so many uses for junk that no one wants.

So when it comes down to it, don’t stress and remove the junk on your own. Call a junk removal service to do it for you. That way it is being done quickly and you know that your loved one’s junk can become someone else’s treasure.


Question: would you tell me if you are seriously bored? Hopefully not! Your dedication to learning shall not go un-noticed! I know I am still thrilled to share all I’m learning, and see this as much more than “Just doing a task,” so to state, because I am pressing enthusiastically for a meaningful life, and discover I love this outlet to widen my horizons. This is a lot more that just staying occupied or filling my time, it’s an actual education!

For those who you are still curious about What to do after loved one is passed?, then read-on with the other posts in this area. You now know I wonder about lots of things, and constantly excited to share intriguing facts I discover online. I’ll remain to encourage my college students and coworkers to bring sites to my attention, so I will certainly share what they bring as quickly as possible.

You’ll recall I noted previously, I would clearly be out of sorts if I did not have this location to share my enthusiasms on all the topics and training I discovered in private ventures. My beliefs are open for dispute, but I need to alert you that I have actually studied this topic for a long, long time and have seen many mind-bending concepts come and go. Make certain to share a great deal of details when you send your conflicting viewpoints.

Many thanks!! I very much appreciate your time in seeing this What to do after loved one is passed? article, and I look forward to “seeing you” here once more very soon!

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